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System Overview

More than half of center operation expenses are associated directly with labor. Therefore, getting the most production from your contact center personnel possible becomes essential for success. Doing more with less can only be realized by improving core and advanced skills as they relate to agent productivity on the front line. The Keynomics Performance System provides permanent improvements in productivity and quality. Keynomics equips and empowers agents with the skills necessary to interface properly within their work environment whether they are fielding calls in a customer service center or processing transactions in the data entry arena. Keynomics provides a wide spectrum of training modules that are continually updated to reflect industry shifts—achieving results that are independent of the underlying technology in the contact center.

So often, agents operate in a continually distracted mode, revealing inadequate listening skills as they "hunt and peck” (using only one or two fingers on either hand) their way across the keyboard. This inefficiency drives a company's productivity down, impairs customer service, and creates unnecessary stress in the workforce as employees struggle to meet increasingly rigorous corporate goals and objectives.


The Keynomics Performance System is web-based and self-paced for each individual participant. The system can be implemented at any location through an internet connection with computers and web browsers. There is no software or server installation required. All of the training is completed at the workstations/desks of the team members.

The Keynomics Performance System addresses critical workforce productivity needs, including:

  • Listening Skills Training: Keynomics results show that listening skills as measured by the Keynomics system, improve by at least 20%. The improvement in listening skills occurs in concert with improvements in keyboard speed and keystroke accuracy.
  • Employee Ergonomic Training: Small ergonomic adjustments provide life skill improvements that repel repetitive stress injuries and improve productivity by changing poor ergonomic habits.
  • New Hire Assessment Tools: Recruitment is enhanced with tolls that measure core keyboard skills (alpha &10 Key), general Screen Navigation, and Listening Skills. Your recruitment team will also get a glimpse at each applicant’s behavioral analytic skills to better understand how they’ll react on the floor.
  • New Hire Training: Integration of the Keynomics training modules into New Hire training curriculum ensures that new hires are brought up to speed quickly in order to be productive as soon as they hit the contact center floor. Keynomics training has a dramatic impact on all individual participants, independent of their initial skill base.
  • Skills Retention Training: After training is completed, participants typically continue to improve. To ensure this, each participant can be reassessed and if necessary, given refresher courses to maintain productivity levels year after year.
  • Advanced Enterprise-Class Reporting - Reports are grouped as; pre-training, in-training, and post-training. Instant ROI views show powerful results where supervisors/managers can view (in real time) the progress of the participants and also track their return on investment (ROI).


The Keynomics Performance System™ systematically guides users through the training program with personalized courses on how to optimally interface with the computer keyboard. They learn to do this quickly and accurately, eliminating the need to look at the keys. This frees your agents to concentrate on their tasks rather than search to find a letter or correct a mistake. Our system automatically develops a customized course and transforms each user into a transparent keyboard user.

The Keynomics Performance System leverages a proven methodology that teaches keyboard users how to key faster and more accurately. This results in a more efficient employee who produces more for your organization!

Where Keynomics Results Occur: Productivity and Quality Gains

  • • Decrease in Handle Time
  • • Decrease in Hold Time
  • • Decrease in Talk Time
  • • Increase in Calls Handled
  • • Increase in Applications/Work Processed
  • • Improved Accuracy of Orders/Improvements in Call Quality
  • • Increase in Revenue Against Goal/Up sales
  • • Reduced FTE and Improving service levels
  • • Lowered average overtime costs

Up to 100% Fewer Errors – Getting It Right the First Time

  • Calls duration shortened
  • Less time to fix errors
  • Faster payment collection
  • Complete transactions
  • Correct shipments
  • Less repeat work
  • The ability to track