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The Keynomics Performance System is a proven training program for call center agents and back office staff that measurably improves service and increases productivity which benefits both your agents and your company. The program, which includes a series of independent training modules, improves agents’ listening skills, keyboarding, screen navigation skills, ergo awareness, and ultimately, their confidence. Keynomics is a proven method that is neither complicated nor expensive, yet as your agents’ performance improves—more work is accomplished. Additionally, Keynomics offers assessment tools that enable companies to measure applicants’ abilities on keyboards and audio systems, and ensure our customers are hiring the best candidates available.

Keynomics training succeeds with minimal disruption—requiring only a workstation with internet access for completion. Throughout the program, you will be able to see and review measurable and tangible results. Every single one of our customers, most of them Fortune 1000 companies, has recorded a 5-10% increase in productivity as a result of the Keynomics Performance System.

Keynomics Performance System

Core Modules

  • KeyTraining – Keyboard training in Alpha, TopLine & 10Key
  • ErgoAware – Focus on productivity and safety

Call Center Modules

  • KeyAudio - Listen-to-Key Training
  • CallEmulator – Behavioral Analytics Training
  • CallReview – Account Recognition and Data Review Training
  • Keynomics FLEX – Advanced exercises for continuous improvement
  • CallEmulator By Design – Custom Exercises

Back Office Modules

  • KeyTabs Plus - Screen Navigation Training
  • KeyEdit – Review and Edit of Pre-existing Data Training
  • Keynomics FLEX – Advanced exercises for continuous improvement
  • KeyTabs Plus By Design – Custom Exercises

Assessment Modules

  • TopTalent – Pre-Hire Screening Tools